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UI/UX Design and Development

UI/UX (User Interface / User eXperience) Design and Development captures a viewer's attention, and is often a major factor in determining how long that viewer will stay on your web site. When designing an interface for an application which will be used internally by your staff, good interface design will often be a determining factor in improving employee productivity. For example, does it take a typical user 1 click or 6 clicks to get to the interface page that they most commonly use? Whenever I see someone in a business situation taking an excessive amount of time to get to where they need to go on a computer, I make it a point to ask how involved they and their co-workers were in the software design process. Inevitably, I always get the same answer, a variation on "we were not involved at all." Proper design practice is not just an issue of graphics, it's also in issue of communicating with the future users of the software you're designing, and having the programming skills to make that software work as efficiently as possible.

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